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March 18-19, 2020, in Titania hotel, Athens.

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The Event

We invite you to join us and take part in the first Israeli-Greek international conference showcasing business opportunities in the expanding international cannabis industry. Athens is hosting this first of its kind event March 18-19, 2020, at the Titania hotel.

In late 2018, Greece completed its first steps in the legalization process and awarded its first marijuana grow licenses to privately-owned companies.

These initial steps are part of the Greek government’s goal of creating new business opportunities in the emerging cannabis industry and connect with medical cannabis companies worldwide.

The conference presents an unprecedented opportunity for engagement, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and business between the world’s top innovators and some of the leading companies from Israel, Greece, and many others in the international medical cannabis industry.

The conference will showcase the most advanced growing systems and approaches in the medical cannabis space. The event will also serve as a forum for discussion on the latest licensing developments, growing methods and buisness aspects.

As hosts, Growing-Smart LinC LTD and ECOPLAN LTD organized the event in close coordination with the Israel-Greece and Greece-Israel Chambers of Commerce. The event will be attended by some of the top Greek government officials.


Keynote speaker – Professor Michael Dor

Head of the general medicine division and former Senior Medical Advisor of the Medical Cannabis Unit in the Israeli Ministry of Health. Dr. Michael Dor is a family physician specialist and specialist in Health Management. He graduated from Tel Aviv University and earned his master’s in public administration at Harvard University. He established a clinic for uninsured refugees and a shelter for victims of human trafficking, and for his efforts, he was awarded the Presidential Award, the highest civilian honor in Israel.

Roei Zerahia

Senior Executive Vice President, CANNDOC. As the company’s CEO since 2018, Roei led the company into its acquisition by Intercure (INCR.TA) a public pharmaceutical company, which became the first public company in the medical cannabis industry in Israel. When the acquisition was completed, Roei was nominated as Senior Executive Vice President, and since then has led the company’s IPO on Nasdaq.

Roy Peleg

As Founder and CEO of Growing Smart, Roy brings vast experience from medical cannabis markets around the world. Prior to LinC Roy was co-partner and CEO of Arazim Agro, an agribusiness-oriented consulting company, and the Head of Marketing and Business Development in the Asia/Pacific regions for Netafim Ltd. During his seven years with Netafim, he served as a Greenhouse Division Director and Corporate Greenhouse Division Agronomist. Roy has 15 years of experience in agribusiness, including five years with Israel Chemicals (ICL).

Dr. Avihai Ilan

An expert in plant propagation and agricultural development. His areas of expertise are horticulture, plant propagation, and project management. Currently, he provides consulting in various countries (Madagascar, China, Uganda) on plant propagation and fruit tree plantation development. Formerly, he coordinated the USAID-MASHAV-MoA/Ethiopia smallholder horticulture (SHH) program. His previous research and advisory work include experience in Israel, Egypt, India, and others. Dr. Ilan has a BSc and MSc degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) and Ph.D. from The University of Tennessee (USA).

Tal Saadon

Medical cannabis agronomist. Tal has a B.Sc. Agri. in plant protection and M.Sc. Agri. in soil, water, and microclimate sciences. Beyond his academic background, Tal has 10 years of experience in commercial agriculture, mainly in medical Cannabis and organic agriculture. Tal has cultivated over 30 crops, in both open field and greenhouses, where he specialized in biological control and organic pest control.

Christos G Athanassiou

Currently works at the Laboratory of Entomology and Agricultural Zoology, Department of Agriculture, Crop Production and Rural Environment, University of Thessaly, Greece. Their current project is adopting models and optimization methods from maths and Computer Science, to support the food sector is facing futures challenges in production and processing.

Max Gauzman

Founder & CEO of the Axyoma group. Over the past 3 years, Max dedicated his life to the cannabis industry in Israel and worldwide involved in numerous projects around the world. Axyoma group brings a wealth of knowledge and experience about successfully operating cannabis business through Value-based and responsible entrepreneurship. Our team is specialized in the financial and business aspects of the field together with cultivating and product-oriented experts. We help investors, operators, suppliers, startups, researchers, and others involved in the cannabis industry.

Conference Calendar

Wednesday, March 18th


Registration Opens

18:00 – 20:00

Gala evening


Minister of rural economic development, Greece.

Israel ambassador to Greece.

Chairman of Greece-Israel Chamber of commerce.

Keynote speaker:

Professor Michael Dor, Chief advisor of the Israeli national committee for licensing medical cannabis. 


Networking Dinner

Thursday March 19th


Registration and mingling


Opening session


Minister/director-general of the ministry of health, Greece.

Chairman of Israel – Greece Chamber of commerce.

Head of Directorate for business licensing & business parks.

Professor Michael Dor – Medical Cannabis in Israel – from regulation to actual aid to patients. What have we 



Morning session: Medical cannabis agronomy


Tal Saadon, LinC.

 The challenges of customizing a cannabis project for medical use.

Dr. Christos G. Athanassiou, University of Thessaly.

 Insect infestation in cannabis during storage: a post-harvest severe threat.

Dr. Avihai Ilan

Introducing new approaches in Cannabis Micropropagation through plant tissue culture.


Coffee break


Noon session: Medical cannabis business, regulations and beyond


Nicolas Zoulamoglou, Phonotype.

The Greece regulations; From a project engineer desk: how to match planning to regulation.

Roei Zerahia, Vice President, CANNDOC.

Professor by day and drug dealer by night – working worthy pharmaceutical cannabis and the 

transformation in the public perception of the filed. 

Max Gauzman, Axyoma Group.

Entrepreneurship and business model for cannabis industries in a period of regulatory changes. 




Afternoon session: Medical Cannabis Growing Technologies


Roy Peleg, Growing Smart.

Unique approach in using soilless growing solutions for optimizing medical cannabis growth. 

Nikos Aggelidis,

F – Clean, bringing the sunshine inside.


Concluding session – Experts Panel


Confirmed Sponsors

Who Should Attend the
Euro-Medical Cannabis Conference?

  • Craft & legacy growers seeking to enter the legal international cannabis markets.
  • Farmers & Landowners in Greece that want to learn more about transitioning into cannabis from other industries.
  • Professionals from the tobacco, pharma, and alcohol industries seeking to enter a new space in the expanding legal international markets.
  • Financial investors & bank officials.
  • Public agencies, medical doctors and healthcare staff.
  • Anyone else who sees a future for themselves in the ever-expanding industries of medicinal cannabis worldwide.

Call for speakers

The call for speakers at the 2020 Euro-Medical Cannabis Conference in Athens is now open!

By taking the following steps, you can submit a presentation and become a featured speaker at the event. Please be sure to complete the full application before closing the window as your information will not be saved until the end of the form. 

Core Topics of interest:

  • Agriculture
  • Medical application
  • Cultivation
  • Operational efficiency
  • Business development
  • Product development

To become a speaker, kindly complete your registration and send your abstract (up to 300 words) to

Become an exhibitor

Presenting your business at this Euro-Medical cannabis conference will help you succeed and connect to the international markets. 

This event is one of the top forums for entrepreneurs looking to take their ideas to the next level and gain access to new areas of growth for their brand.

To learn how we can help you expand your business, serve your customers and patients, and continue the growth of this dynamic industry, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

To become an exhibitor, email:

Euro-Medical cannabis
conference reservation

You can change your selections at any time via your Speaker Portal or by contacting

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